Advertising Flyer Spring 2010
All writers need readers…

If you are working to improve your writing, talk to one of the Forensic Psychology Writing Fellows.
Chosen by faculty, writing fellows are forensic psych students trained to help you at any stage of the writing process, from understanding an assignment to structuring an argument to polishing APA format.
To make an appointment, contact the fellow directly. For more information, contact XXX (OK to put Sylvia here or office?)

Michelle Huffman, XX e-mail

I am a second year grad student. I transferred from the University of North Dakota's program. I have a BA in psychology and philosophy from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. I have worked in several areas of mental health, including at a therapeutic preschool for behaviorally/emotionally disordered children, evaluating sex offenders for court, crisis mental health worker in hospitals, and I currently work in vocational rehab for individuals with mental illness.
I typically do not stick to one method of writing, but I always start with brainstorming and whittling down my idea once I have looked through a great deal of research. I am open to new methods for writing and organization. I have a very dry (and usually dark) sense of humor, and I love to incorporate it into work and school. I am available mostly on weekends and evenings, but I can be flexible with my schedule during the day.

Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis, XX e-mail

I'm a first-year graduate student. My undergraduate degree is a B.A. in Psychology from Cal State LA. I'm a returning student, after many years off, and am taking my time with this degree just as I did with my undergraduate. I currently work (almost) full-time at a small art studio in Silver Spring, after having worked the last 12 years in the transportation industry. Before that, I had lots of random retail and waitressing jobs; I've been working since I was 14 years old.
My writing style is pretty flexible and mostly visual. I don't do outlines very well, as I normally have to kick ideas around in my head for a bit before I put them on paper, but I admire those who can work from them. I've been writing creatively since I was quite young, and am an avid reader when on break. I have a wicked sense of humor but am serious when I have to be and when it counts. I'm honest, but not brutally so; I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Most likely I'll be available on the weekends to meet with students that need assistance, but am willing to do what I can to help if someone needs it.

Sherrie DiFronzo, XX e-mail

First year graduate student. Undergraduate degree: B.A. in Political Science from Arizona State University. Work experience: Air Force Intelligence Officer; Substitute teacher; Bartender. Not in that order.
Pretty good sense of humor. Willing to work hard to help anyone who is willing to put forth honest effort.

Natalie (Tallie) Armstrong, xx e-mail

First year graduate student at Marymount University. I'm currently working in the Graduate Admissions Office as a G.A. so if you can't find me elsewhere, that's probably where I am, haha.
Academic/Work History: B.S. in Psychology and B.S. in Creative Writing (Self-Designed Major) from Centre College in Danville, KY (not really sure how I earned a Bachelor of Science for a Creative Writing major but, that's what it says on my diploma so, I'll roll with it). Post-graduation (2007), I interned with the Developmental Neuropsychology Lab at the University of Louisville. Was then hired by the Early Childhood Research Center (also University of Louisville) to work as a Research Analyst for 2 years. While there, I co-wrote parts of manuscripts, published a book review, attended and presented at various conferences, and was enrolled part-time in graduate courses (Justice Administration and Statistics). I also co-taught high-school summer courses in analytical writing and organizational skills/vocabulary building for two summers while an undergrad.
Writing Fellow Related: I've got a flexible writing style and collaboration method. I'm always looking to learn from new methods and ideas. I will be upfront with you regarding my comments, but I will be tactful about it. Respect is a big deal to me :)
Random Facts: Since it looks like I'm a total bookworm let's jazz it up a bit…I was a waitress for 5 years as well as a sports photographer. I'm also terribly accident prone, and my enthusiasm is often mistaken for being a spaz. I've got a "unique" sense of humor, but I'm serious when it counts. I love a funny story. No one has called me "Natalie" in 7 years, so if I don't respond right away, my bad…it's taking some getting used to!

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