Training Materials

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MU Live Training

3/14/2010 initial training workshop (2 hours)

Fall 2010 Workshop 1 (2 hours)

Fall 2010 Workshop 2 (2 hours)

Additional Training for College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Level 1 Certification

International Tutor Program Certification requirements (CRLA)

In addition to the six hours of live training, tutors must complete four more hours of training activities from the "modules" outlined on the additional training page. Please keep track of the time you spend both consulting with students and improving your skills on the Blackboard "timesheet journal."

Active Listening

"Tutoring and Active Listening Techniques," ways to get peers talking (Pomona College)

"Listening: Strategies for Tutoring", slideshare

ESL Writers

Working with L2 Writers, great overview with list of common grammatical issues (Dartmouth College)

Error Triage, distinguishing "error gravity," discussion with practice examples (Iowa State University)


Code of Tutor Ethics (endorsed by CRLA)

"NTA Code of Ethics" (National Tutoring Association)

Writing Center Mission and Ethics (Western Carolina University)

"Code of Ethics from National Association of Tutorial Services" (Boise State University)

Good Peer Writing Consulting Practice

"The Process Approach to Teaching Writing" (Dartmouth College)

"Diagnosing Problems: Ways of Reading Student Papers" (Dartmouth College)

Learning Styles

"Learning Styles and the Writing Process" (University of Arizona)


VARK helpsheets

Problem Clients

Drunk Students and Other Scenarios (Three Rivers Community College)


"The Task: A Guide for Writing Tutors", shows how tutors can get students writing during consultations (Rutgers University)
Tutor Training Video, simulated session with commentary after each segment (Dartmouth College)

Extra Material

Peer writing tutor handbook (Penn State)

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